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Living in a wired world means we get breaking news streaming in the palm of our hands 24/7 whether we (or our kids) ask for it or not. The recent global tragedies in Orlando, Dallas, and France sent shock waves and tears through the Internet and into our homes. Eye-witness accounts and graphic footage of the violence […]

Thanks to the new augmented reality game Pokémon Go, app fans across the globe are enjoying countless hours of fun hunting, capturing, and racking up their Pokémon creature collection. For families, the app can be a blast — as long as everyone slows down and plays smart. In fact, the app is being credited with […]

Our digital behavior defines us, and — if we happen to get it wrong — it can also devastate us. The revisions to digital etiquette change as fast as technology itself reminding us that with the great power of one-click publishing, comes great responsibility. Before you dismiss digital etiquette as common sense or contend “that […]

Everyone talks about it but, c’mon, who really completely unplugs from tech completely on vacation? According to a recent study released by Intel Security, while most people still fear going off the digital grid, those who do are reaping big rewards. According to the study of nearly 14,000 men and women worldwide ages 21-54, more […]

As details continue to emerge about the Orlando nightclub massacre, officials believe one fact to be chillingly clear: The ISIS-avowed gunman became radicalized through extremist communities online. The thought of your child falling for terrorist propaganda on Facebook or Twitter is crazy, right? True, statistically speaking, the likelihood isn’t high. However, the statistics flip when it comes to […]