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It’s still happening. Even with all the news reports it’s still happening. Kids — good kids, amazing kids just looking for acceptance — are being enticed by predators online. Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak couldn’t have said it better with the first line of a recent column that read, “There are few holes deeper than […]

You may have noticed your teen using a whole new pack of words when texting and talking these days. It’s no surprise since a text conversation is fast replacing face-to-face conversations even among adults. It looks strange but you can learn to decode your teen’s texting slang. Here’s the good, bad, and the texting red […]

  Instagramming, tweeting, posting, and snap chatting. It’s the social culture of the young adults around us but at what cost to their mental health? According to a recent study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, social media use among young adults and depression are linked so closely that by 2030, researchers predict anxiety and […]

It’s the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you — and it’s also a handy tool when deciding what to post publicly and what is private. Still, in our exuberance to celebrate every cute, amazing, or hilarious thing about our kids, some parents can quickly forget the simplicity and […]

Rightly or wrongly, being part of the ‘it’ crowd at school is what every tween and teen yearns for. Being part of a group makes kids feel safe and protected during a time where they could be feeling very vulnerable. Quite often kids will do whatever it takes (much to their parents’ horror) to secure […]