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You may not have heard of celebrity Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ Armin Van Buuren, but chances are, your music-savvy kids have searched online for the radio personality who has garnered the #1 spot as Intel Security’s 2015 Most Dangerous Celebrities™. According to this year’s ninth annual study (see graphic, right), searching for the latest […]

Listen up parents: live streaming is the latest trend that you need to get your heads around. Not only are there privacy issues that you need to understand so you can keep your kids safe but live streaming may just explain why your Internet usage is spiraling upwards! To ensure we’re are all up to […]

  There’s revived discussion in the halls of Facebook about adding a ‘dislike’ button to the popular social network. In fact, the dislike button is more of a reality than not, according to a recent report in Beta News. While the Facebook team has long noticed the gap in expression options on network (who doesn’t […]

My road as a parent of two digital natives (now ages 15 and 20) has been winding, rewarding, and even harrowing at times. I began writing this blog three years ago, which in the digital world translates to approximately a decade. Technology changes quickly. Culture shape shifts and perspectives try to keep up. Our kids change […]

When most of us think about meeting people online, we probably think of romance and/or “stranger danger.” Being sensible and cautious when making new friends online is of paramount importance and it can definitely be a risky business. But have you considered using the Internet as a way to expand your own business network and […]