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As the nights get longer and Halloween approaches, it’s natural for our minds to drift toward the things that lurk in the shadows, particularly those in the unsavory recesses of the Internet. That’s why it’s so fitting that National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is always in October. Since its inception under the leadership of the […]

Listen up parents: live streaming is the latest trend that you need to get your heads around. Not only are there privacy issues that you need to understand so you can keep your kids safe but live streaming may just explain why your Internet usage is spiraling upwards! To ensure we’re are all up to […]

When I was 8, I was completely obsessed with being an air hostess ‘when I grew up.’ The thought of travelling the world while looking glamorous just struck a chord with me! But fast forward 30 something years and our kids aren’t thinking flying – they’re thinking tech! New research by Intel Security shows that a large […]

When most of us think about meeting people online, we probably think of romance and/or “stranger danger.” Being sensible and cautious when making new friends online is of paramount importance and it can definitely be a risky business. But have you considered using the Internet as a way to expand your own business network and […]

Cybercriminals have fully embraced ransomware. This specific form of malware encrypts files and extorts money from victims, and is a favorite among criminals. Ransomware is easy to develop, simple to execute, and does a very good job of compelling victims to pay to regain access to their precious files or systems. Almost anyone and every business is a potential […]