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Cada año Verizon da a conocer su Informe de Investigación de Violación de Datos (DBIR), un informe que comparte datos de incidentes a lo largo del año. Verizon recopila este documento con información de 70 organizaciones (incluyendo Intel Security), analizando cerca de 80,000 casos individuales y más de 2,000 violaciones confirmadas de datos en 61 […]

The annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is out and reinforces the value of well-established cybersecurity practices. The good folks at Verizon have once again published one of the most respected annual reports in the security industry. The report sets itself apart with the authors intentionally avoiding unreliable “survey” data and instead striving to communicate […]

This post first appeared on the security website Dark Reading. We need consumers and businesses to not simply shrug off data breaches but to take active measures to protect their data. We are hopeful that new insights will provide a compelling answer to the question “So what?” No company is bulletproof when it comes to […]

Every year Verizon releases their Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), sharing a wealth of information about incidents throughout the year.  Verizon compiles this report with information from 70 organizations (including Intel Security), analyzing almost 80,000 individual incidents, over 2000 confirmed data breaches across 61 countries.  For professionals in the security industry, this information is invaluable […]

This post was written with the invaluable assistance of Steve Watson of Intel. On April 14, Verizon released its 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Since then, McAfee Labs posted three blogs (here, here, and here) expanding on the DBIR’s Appendix D discussion of the security of the Internet of Things. In this final blog […]