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In nearly every science fiction movie made, there is at least one character that is part machine and part man. They are the cyborgs. Luke Skywalker has a mechanical hand; Robocop is, well, Robocop; and Geordi LaForge of Star Trek had a wearable visor that helps him see. They’re all reliant on technology to help […]

June has been quite the month for technology innovation. Two of the industry’s leading companies, Apple and Google, hosted their yearly developer conferences. Amazon announced the availability of the new Amazon Fire Phone. Tesla even took on the carbon crisis by making its technology available on a good-faith basis. Technology is not only increasing connectivity […]

We’ve all had those late afternoon hunger pangs when it’s time to start fantasizing about going home and making dinner. Imagine if the watch you were wearing could actually find out what ingredients you had in stock, rather than leave the contents of your refrigerator up to memory or fate. Wearable technology is the next […]