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The game of cat and mouse. That’s how Vince Skinner, Vice President of Security at a large, North American financial services firm, refers to his favorite aspect of his job. “I love solving problems,” he says. “I love the cat and mouse of the malicious actors and what they are able to do… and then […]

There you are at home, watching Amy Schumer’s latest flick on HBO On-Demand while noodling on your tablet. Which reminds you to absently track down an episode of her Peabody award-winning TV show. Boom, you’re hit with zero-day malware—and you may not even know it. Celebrities Can Be Dangerous Of course, ignorance is no excuse, […]

Using the right technology, we can defeat the malicious exploitation of Flash and return it to its full superhero status. Flash is everywhere. Not the DC Comics superhero with impossible speed, but the Adobe multimedia and software platform that is ubiquitous in our digital lives. While criminals hate the superhero Flash, they appear to love […]

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan. Feeling tired and run-down? Losing sleep because that next big cyberattack might be right around the corner? Well, today is the day to start living your most secure life now with these helpful tips! People ask me all the time, “Bradi – how can I be […]

Reverse proxies are critical to shield Web apps from external attacks.  Many organizations today are concerned about how to safely provide customers, employees, and vendors access to their Web applications safely. They need to protect their internal assets against external malware attacks. Every day we read new horror stories in the press about hackers who […]